Welcome to Alsahm for Food Industries

Producing Egyptian Fresh Peeled Garlic and Loose Garlic and Onion all year round.

At Alsahm Factory, we produce with honor the finest Peeled Garlic all over the globe.

Quality Assurance

We source only the freshest and highest quality Fresh Peeled Garlic from our Farms to you Directly, Thanks to our expert top management and professional teamwork we achieved the highest quality Production in Egypt and Africa.

Fully Automated Production Line

Our state-of-the-art production facility with its fully automatic Production line assures clean, fresh, and high-quality Peeled Garlic.

Excellent Preservation

We use the most modern ways of preserving our Products, either in Vacuum bags or in Nitrogen Jars of several weights and sizes.

Convenient Ordering

Ordering from Alsahm is quick and easy. Simply browse our Products menu and select your type of preserving methods then contact us for pricing.

We offer convenient delivery options to bring our High-quality products right to your doorstep